Current Projects
CoRegen, Inc.

CoRegen Inc. is focused on the use of gene regulators and the nucleus of immune cells to treat cancer and high intensity chronic illnesses. The innovation is based on the discoveries of 50+ years of research from Dr. Bert O’Malley MD and a dedicated team at Baylor College of Medicine consisting of Clifford Dacso MD, MPH, MBA, David Lonard PhD and Sang Jun Han PhD. The team has developed an innovative cancer therapy with the ability to eradicate cancer. This therapy is effective with complete and durable elimination of cancer cells, safe with no signs of toxicity, no inflammation, retaining healthy metabolism, and preventive of cancer recurrence. To date, the therapy has been replicated multiple times, in +400 mice and with multiple types of aggressive human derived cancers. All of these have been successfully eradicated, preventing recurrence, and shown to be safe, allowing the mice to live out a healthy life. The elements of the immune system that this therapy exploits in the mice model have a direct correlate in humans.

C-Polar Technologies, Inc.

C-Polar Technologies has the world’s most advanced anti-microbial air filtration system. The C-Polar difference is that it is the first to utilize the natural proclivity of nontoxic edible and biodegradable substances to create strong positive polarity on the surface of materials to arrest and kill negatively charged pathogens. It has a high efficiency to capture and destroy pathogens and is sustainable and environmentally responsible. In addition to destroying viruses, pathogens and bacteria, it is the World’s first energy-free, biodegradable and nontoxic technology that reduces energy consumption and their associated cost.

SG27 (stealth)

Conventional agents aimed at reducing immune inflammation have been the mainstay of osteoarthritis (“OA”) therapy. While temporarily effective for pain relief, each of these agents suffers from two main drawbacks: (i) an inability to limit disease progression and (ii) an unacceptable side effect profile with prolonged use. Currently, SG27 is conducting pre-clinical studies of novel formulations in large animal models of OA and is preparing to assess these formulations in non-human primates afflicted with OA. Phase 1 human studies are slated for Q2 2023.

Nytricx, Inc.

Nytricx is developing novel technology to incorporate implanted medical devices with antimicrobial and antithrombotic NO releasing materials. NO-gas releasing, biocompatible polymers have tremendous potential to reduce infections and thrombotic events that plague catheters and other medical devices. NO gas releasing technology being developed by Nytricx has applications to urinary and vascular catheters and accessories (disinfection caps for leur locks and ports), medical textiles (grafts and stents), extracorporeal circuits (hemodialysis or life-support), ophthalmic products, orthopedic implants, wound healing, condoms, endotracheal tubes, endoscopes, laparoscopes, dental drills, vaccines, food packaging and industrial air filtering. The Company plans to continue to apply for and receive NIH small business grants and to concomitantly seek licenses from corporate partners to develop the many applications of NO releasing polymers indicted above. The IP of the Company revolves around novel chemistry to provide sustained NO-releasing surfaces. Three Issued patents and over 10 patents pending by Handa et al. describe various nitric oxide releasing surfaces and chemistries for decreased fouling, infection, and thrombosis of medical devices.


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