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1981 HYCOR - Monoclonal Antibodies.  Founded with Dr. Paul Price and Dr. David Gordon who at the time, were co-directors of the Hybridoma Lab at the Centers for the Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). Gorlin financed company prior to $6 million IPO. Second Monoclonal company to go public.  Sold to Agilent for $100 million. Currently, subsidiary of Agilent. (http://www.hycorbiomedical.com)


1986 THERAGENICS -Palladium implants for prostate cancer. Founded with Dr. John Russell, director of the Frank Neely Nuclear Research Center at Georgia Tech. Initially a privately financed company. Performed a reverse merger into a public shell value of $6 million. Managed from inception through sale. Reached market value of over $1 billion during Gorlin's involvement. NYSE: TGX


1988 CytRx -Products to increase blood flow and dissolve clots for heart attacks and other blood vessel issues. Technology licensed from Emory University. Gorlin invested $200,000, raised additional funds and then took it public. The first IPO was $6 million. During Gorlin’s leadership, the company reached a market cap of over $200 million. NASDAQ: CYTR  (http://www.cytrx.com)


1990 MEDICIS -Dermatology.  The company was started with Gorlin's FDA attorney, Jonah Shacknai. It  began as an idea funded by Gorlin. Sold to Valeant Pharmaceuticals for $2.68 billion. The company is currently a subsidiary of Valeant. (http://www.valeant.com)




1996 EntreMed -Licensed anti-angiogenesis technology. This Technology was developed by Dr. Judah Folkman from Harvard Children’s Hospital. Reached a $1.4 billion market cap during involvement as Chairman.


2004 MEDIVATION -Drugs for refractory prostate cancer. Founded with Dr. David Hung. Gorlin loaned the money to start the company and took it public. The company was sold to Pfizer for $14.2 billion. NASDAQ: MDVN  (http://www.medivation.com)


2005 MRI INTERVENTIONS -Platforms for minimally invasive surgical procedures in the brain and heart. Worked with Dr. Ali Rezhai of the Cleveland Clinic. Started the company and took it public. NASDAQ: MRIC (http://www.mriinterventions.com)


2007 MiMedx - Innovative bioactive healing products for tissue regeneration. Founded the company. Is currently public with a market cap of $1.06 billion. NASDAQ: MDXG. (http://www.mimedx.com)


DARA Biosciences

2011 DARA Biosciences -Treatment for neuropathic pain and cancer.Gorlin started the company and invested $800,000 of Dara’s money in Medivation. He then distributed over half of Medivation's shares to Dara shareholders.


1990 PermaFix -Environmental cleanup of nuclear waste. Gorlin started the company. Gorlin sold his interest when the company was valued in excess of $100 million. NASDAQ: PEFI  (http://www.perma-fix.com)

1991 Pretty Good Privacy Business encryption software. Worked with son and Phil Zimmerman and raised all of the funding. Two years after founding, sold to Network Associates, Inc. for $38 million. Network Associates sold to Symantec in 2010. (https://www.symantec.com)

Judicial Correction Services

2001 Judicial Correction Services -Private probation services. Helped son start the company; raised the initial funds. Sold to Correctional Healthcare for a return to investors of 3-5 times their initial investment. In 2014 it was acquired by Correct Care, LLC. (http://www.correctcaresolutions.com)


2009 Kabbage -Loans for small businesses.  Mr. Gorlin assisted his son, Marc Gorlin, in starting the company. The company was sold to American Express for $875 million.


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